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T3 Featherweight StyleMax Professional Hair Dryer with Custom Heat and Speed Automation

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Image 1, T3 style max technology automated heat customised to you. 1 = hair texture, select fine, medium or coarse texture to discover the right heat for your unique hair. 2 = style mode, secure your attachment and match up your style mode: rough dry, smooth, diffuse or volume. 3 = customized settings, 5 heat and 3 speed settings adjust to your hair texture and styling selections. rough dry, volume, texture, smooth, diffuse, 5 heat settings, 3 speed settings, volume boost switch. image 2, identifying your hair texture run one hair strand between your fingers. can you barely feel and see the strand? = fine hair texture. can you easily feel the strand and does it glide smoothing through your fingers select medium hair texture. does the strand feel thick and textured as it runs through your fingers select coarse hair texture. image 3, select from 4 style modes. rough dry, smooth, volume and diffuse. image 4, includes 4 attachments to create a variety of looks that last. soft touch 3 diffuser, smoothing comb, dry concentrator, styling concentrator. image 5, maximum style with minimized heat exposure. 92% used less heat with better results. based on a third party panel study of 101 participants. image 6, 95% saw smoother shinier hair. 96% experienced less damage. based on a third party panel study of 101 participants. image 7, digital t3 ion air technology gently dries hair fast while locking in body and shine. ion generator saturates airflow with 10 million negative ions per second to minimize static frizz, boost shine and smooth the cuticle. wider air flow 2 time wider airflow reduces dry time while preserving hair's natural moisture. smart microchip keeps temperature fluctuations in check. 2 times wider airflow refers to the total square millimeter area of open are output outlet of the t3 featherwight style max dryer using t3 drying concentrator that was 119% wider compared to the average square millimeter area of open hair output outlet of five other leading premium hair dryers using their wide drying concentrators. image 8, t3 featherweight style max, how to achieve a blow out. step 1 = start with wet, detangled hair. rough dry hair to 80% with drying concentrator. step 2 = attach the styling concentrator style hair in 3 inch sections. step 3 = use a round brush to apply tension to each section and to smooth ends. step 4 = press the lock in cool shot button to set your style.

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