MAGNITONE London Scrub Up Ultrasonic Pore Scrubber

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Cleanse and extract. Moisturise and infuse. Lift and tone. Cleansing mode. On wet skin, work the edge of the ScrubUp spatula in Cleansing mode to extract blackheads, grime and excess oil. The ultrasonic waves and positive ion technology create pressure that dislodges the dirt from your pores. Moisturising mode. Apply a nourishing face serum (not included) and use ScrubUp the flat side in Moisturising mode to massage it into the skin. The ultrasonic waves and negative ion technology help the skin to absorb and infuse the product. Lifting mode. Gently lift and tone with ScrubUp in lifting mode. Using a conductive gel or serum (not included) glide the flat side of the spatula in upward strokes. Small pulses of microcurrent stimulate the muscles, encouraging blood flow and collagen production. Ultrasonic High frequency sound waves create pressure to push out grime and excess oil from pores. Negative Ions aid the 'good' stuff by helping the skin to absorb moisture and nutrients. Microcurrent small electrical pulses stimulate the muscles, encouraging blood flow and collagen production. Positive ions attract the 'bad' stuff, working to help cleanse and extract pores.

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